Restoration of Registration

Restoration of Registration

By now every RPEQ will have received reminders to renew their registration through the online portal. Every RPEQ has until 30 June 2020 to renew their registration.

The online portal will be deactivated on 1 July 2020 and you will not be able to renew your registration or deal with your registration status by renewal after this date.

Restoration of Registration

The Professional Engineers Act 2002 (Act) provides for a period following each registration year in which previously registered engineers on the Board’s register, who did not renew during the renewal period, may apply to have their registration restored (see s23 of the Act). This restoration period is between 1 July and 31 August following each registration year (see s 23(3) of the Act).

An application for restoration of registration can be made during the restoration period, using the authorised form. If a RPEQ allows their registration to lapse and has not sought restoration by 31 August, then there is no guarantee that the application for restoration will be approved. After the restoration period has ended the Board will consider applications for restoration at its discretion and only in extenuating circumstances.

Time Limitations

The Board will not consider any request for an application for restoration, more than six months after the end of the restoration period. Therefore, no request for restoration will be considered beyond 28 February in the year following the end of the previous registration year.

Restoration of Registration Diagram

Consequences for failing to renew

The Board encourages all current RPEQ to renew on time. The fee for renewing on time is currently $232.75. The fee for making an application to restore past registrations is $301.15. Given that there is no guarantee of a successful application to restore registration, there will also be additional expense to make a completely new application for registration. The time taken to process any such new application will also have implications on any previously registered engineer’s practice, given that they will not hold registration status. As part of any new application, applicants will be assessed for registration under the policy of the Board at the time of the new application.

Offences for practising while unregistered

The Board would like to remind all professional engineers that it is an offence to undertake professional engineering services without being registered. It is imperative that RPEQs renew their registration on time to avoid any unnecessary implications on their practice and potentially avoid committing any offences (see s113-115 of the Act).


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