Code of Practice

RPEQs are bound by the Code of Practice for Registered Professional Engineers. The Code is developed by BPEQ in collaboration with professional  organisations and universities and is reviewed at least once every three years.

The Code is intended to:


Provide guidance to registered professional engineers as to appropriate professional conduct or practice.


Set out the minimum levels of professional conduct required to be met by registered professional engineers in Queensland so that they can carry out their roles within a framework of integrity, care for the public, and competency.


Assist the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal in determining whether the registered professional engineer has behaved in a way that constitutes unsatisfactory professional conduct, or practice.

The Code applies obligations on registered professional engineers to:


The main principals of the Code are:

  • Considering the social, environmental, economic and other possible consequences
  • Acting with honesty, integrity, fairness, and without discrimination
  • Considering health, welfare, and community safety
  • Considering effects on the natural environment
  • Inform client or employer of consequences of disregarded advice
  • Disclose actual and potential conflicts of interest
  • Not disclose or misuse confidential information
  • Bring knowledge, skill, judgement, and care to the task
  • Not engage in professional misconduct, or fraudulent or dishonest behaviour
  • Communicate with fairness, honesty, and adequate knowledge
  • Not promise, accept, or give inducements
  • Work within area of competence and not misrepresent competence
  • Supervision
  • Continue to develop knowledge, skills, and expertise
  • Comply with the Code and support those who seek to uphold the Code