Non-practising RPEQs

RPEQs not currently performing professional engineer services in or for Queensland have the option of registering as a non-practising RPEQ.

Non-practising RPEQs cannot carry out professional engineering services but non-practising status allows them to keep their registration without having to go through the full RPEQ assessment process. RPEQs can register as non-practising for no longer than five years.

The required CPD hours for non-practising RPEQs is reduced to 150 hours over a five-year period or on a pro rata basis depending on how long the RPEQ has been non-practising. Non-practising RPEQs must have completed structured CPD to regain their practising status and be able to demonstrate this to BPEQ. RPEQs are able to change their status from non-practising to practising at any stage during the registration year.


Non-practising RPEQ

Registration Fee

Plus Application fee: $64.20
(only for new registration applications)