Registration is for a period of 12 months. RPEQs must renew their registration every year to ensure a high standard of practice is maintained.

An engineer’s registration will expire on 30 June if they do not renew their registration during the annual renewal period (1 April – 31 May).

If an engineer’s registration has expired, they can apply to BPEQ within two months of their registration expiring (1 July – 31 August) to have it restored. A restoration fee of $295.80 (this includes the cost of registration for 12 months) will apply. Applications for restoration made more than two months after the expiry may also be accepted by BPEQ under reasonable circumstances. When making its decision to restore a RPEQ’s registration, BPEQ will consider:

  1. Whether the applicant is fit to practise as a RPEQ.
  2. The extent, if any, to which the applicant has satisfied the continuing registration requirements (i.e. CPD).

If BPEQ refuses a restoration application or imposes conditions on the registration, the engineer may apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a review of BPEQ’s decision.

Engineers whose registration has expired are not permitted to call themselves a RPEQ or carry out professional engineering services.


Over 2 months but less than 12 months

Applicants for restoration will need to demonstrate their commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) by:

  • providing evidence they are accredited (e.g. current Chartered Certificate) with an approved assessment entity, or
  • their CPD logbook evidencing compliance.

If BPEQ is satisfied with the CPD evidence, then the applicant may be restored. If BPEQ is not satisfied with the CPD logbook, then the applicant will be required to undergo an assessment of their qualifications and competency by the relevant assessment entity, at their own cost.

More than 12 months but less than 36 months

Applicants for restoration will need to:

  • demonstrate their commitment to CPD as per above
  • provide a cover letter that details the circumstances of registration lapsing
  • provide a current CV.
For more than 36 months

Applicants for restoration that are more than 36 months overdue will not be accepted and the applicant will be required to undergo a new assessment through one of the approved assessment schemes.