Assessment Panel Entities for Proposed Assessment Schemes

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Assessment Panel Entities for Proposed Assessment Schemes

POLICY ID: 1.11 (2A)

Approved Version: 23/7/09

1. Rationale

The purpose of this policy is to outline the Board’s policy on the composition of any Panel formed to review an application for approval of a proposed assessment scheme.

2. Policy

The amendments to the Professional Engineers Act 2002 include the addition of a new Part 6A to the Act for the approval of assessment and entities and schemes. Under this Part a panel is to be established by the Board to consider applications for approval, renewal and variations to assessments schemes which have been referred to the Board by the Minister. The panel is to make an assessment of the application and make recommendations to the Board for the Board’s consideration in making its recommendations to the Minister.

The panel is decided at Board meetings and will be comprised of:

  • Two Board members with professional engineering skills
  • The Registrar
  • An external stakeholder who is able to declare no conflict of interest in proceedings
  • Other staff at discretion of Board on advice of Registrar (this would usually be a non-decision making role)

The Board discusses the expertise, experience and appropriateness of external candidates to be involved with the panel.

After assessing a submission, the Panel will make a recommendation to the Board for its consideration in recommending the scheme to the Minister.

3. References

Form 7 – Application for Approval of a Proposed Assessment Scheme

Professional Engineers Act 2002