Our Role

Our Vision

Globally leading levels of professionalism for engineers in a dynamic environment.

Our Purpose

To protect the public and maintain confidence in the profession by upholding the highest standard of engineering.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity
Professional and ethical
Fair and consistent.

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) is an independent statutory body responsible for regulating the vast and multi-faceted engineering profession across the state, through a fair and consistent set of standards, designed to uphold the highest engineering conduct.

BPEQ was established alongside the Professional Engineering Act (PE Act) — introduced in 1929 — and is also responsible for managing the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) system.

Becoming a RPEQ is a formal recognition of qualification and competency — our engineers occupy positions of trust and integrity within the community, industry and across government. BPEQ is empowered to maintain professional confidence in the industry by holding individuals accountable and ensuring ethical standards of practice.


It is a requirement of the PE Act that professional engineering services in Queensland — or professional engineering services carried out interstate or overseas for a Queensland-based project — are carried out by a RPEQ. The only exceptions are if an unregistered person carries out a professional engineering services under the direct supervision of a RPEQ who takes full professional responsibility for the service, or the service is carried out only in accordance with a prescriptive standard.

The objectives of the PE Act are to:

Protect the Public

Protect the public by ensuring professional engineering services are provided by a RPEQ in a professional and competent way.

Maintain Public Confidence

Maintain public confidence in the standard of services provided by RPEQs.

Uphold the Standards

Uphold the standards of practice of RPEQs.

BPEQ can investigate and prosecute individuals for breaches of the PE Act, including practising while unregistered and claiming to be or misusing the protected title of RPEQ when not registered. The PE Act also provides a process for persons who are aggrieved by the conduct of a RPEQ to lodge a complaint about the professional conduct or service.

As an independent statutory body, BPEQ falls within the portfolio of the Minister for Housing and Public Works (the Minister).