Engaging an engineer? Make sure they are registered

BPEQ's online register contains close to 12,000 RPEQs in Queensland, interstate and overseas. It can be used to check if an engineer is registered and to also search for an engineer by name, location, area of engineering and company.

By only hiring a RPEQ you will have peace of mind that they have the right qualifications, are competent and experienced, and accountable to BPEQ for their conduct.

So when hiring an engineer, remember:

  • in Queensland engineers are required by law to be registered (or directly supervised by a RPEQ)

  • BPEQ’s online register can be used to check an engineer is registered and search for a RPEQ that meets your needs

  • by only using a RPEQ you can be confident about the standard of services and products you receive

  • be clear about the scope of work being performed by the RPEQ

  • if something goes wrong you can lodge a complaint with BPEQ about the engineering service or individual conduct, which may result in investigation and disciplinary action.