The RPEQ System

Queensland is currently the only Australian jurisdiction to apply a comprehensive registration system for engineers.

Registration as a RPEQ is formal recognition of the qualification, experience competency of an engineer. Engineers occupy positions of trust and responsibility within the community, industry and across government and perform a critical role in the design and construction of major infrastructure and in the the mining, resources and manufacturing sectors.

There are currently 26 areas of engineering recognised by BPEQ. BPEQ works with professional organisations to define these areas of engineering, which range from aeronautical to civil engineers, chemical to naval architects. The registration system ensures a high standard of practice exists within Queensland across all areas of engineering.

It is a requirement of the PE Act that professional engineering services in Queensland or for Queensland, are carried out by a RPEQ, or alternatively by a person who carries out the services under the direct supervision of a RPEQ who is ultimately responsible.

The PE Act applies extraterritorially, meaning registration is still required for any professional engineering services carried out interstate or overseas but destined for Queensland. This could include the design, construction and maintenance of a building, plant or machinery. If a RPEQ is not carrying out the engineering service themselves, a RPEQ in Queensland must be in a position to take responsibility for the professional engineering services provided.