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June e-news
Shergold Weir Report, Non-Conforming Building Products and the Future of Certifiers
  RPEQ election

May e-news
  Understanding BPEQ's complaint and investigation process
  Safer Buildings for Queensland

April e-news
  Engineering's diversity challenge
  New regulations change the regulatory landscape for amusement parks in Queensland

March e-news
  RPEQ renewals 2019/20
  RPEQ 'sign off', 'certification

February e-news
  RPEQ Election 2019
External Fire Spread Risk in Tall Building Design Course

January e-news
  Opal Tower another example of the need for registration for engineers
  Combustible cladding assessments for building industry professionals and fire engineers: golden goose or road to ruin?


BPEQ e-news November 2018
  Engineers specified in chain or responsibility legislation
  Engineering a Better Future
BPEQ e-news October 2018
  Mentoring key to professional and personal growth
  The PE Act for Corporations, Company Officers, Managers, Local and State Government

BPEQ e-news September 2018
  The future of consulting engineering services
  New regulation targets combustible cladding

BPEQ e-news August 2018
  Are you still registered?
  How the PE Act relates to the mining and resources sector

BPEQ e-news July 2018
  The critical role of RPEQs in construction design projects
  Case note: BPEQ reprimands RPEQ and non-RPEQ

BPEQ e-news June 2018
  Professional Performance Protocol
  Does professional indemnity insurance matter?

BPEQ e-news May 2018
  Update on unauthorised use of your name, signature and RPEQ number
  2018 Federal Budget infrastructure spending in numbers  

BPEQ e-news April
  New Board appointments
  Case study: QCAT reprimands RPEQ for inappropriate professional conduct 

BPEQ e-news March
  The ins and outs of CPD
  Universities seek RPEQ feedback on CPD 

BPEQ e-news February
  BPEQ announces Regional and Remote Assistance bursary
  2018/19 registration renewals

BPEQ e-news January
  Advice on unauthorised use of your name and RPEQ number
  Ben Sellers RPEQ Champion