BPEQ is responsible for protecting the public by ensuring professional engineering services are provided by a registered professional engineer in a professional and competent way; maintaining public confidence in the standard of services provided by registered professional engineers; and upholding the standards of practice of registered professional engineers. 

 The PE Act provides a process for persons who are aggrieved by the conduct of a RPEQ to lodge a complaint with BPEQ. Should BPEQ form a reasonable belief that the RPEQ may have behaved in a way that constitutes unsatisfactory professional conduct it can investigation and take disciplinary action if necessary. Information on the type of conduct that BPEQ considers unsatisfactory professional conduct can be found in the Code of Practice

It is an offence under the PE Act for a person to carry out professional engineering services while unregistered or without the direct supervision of a RPEQ. Possible breaches of the PE Act should be reported to BPEQ. 

BPEQ is not a forum to resolve contractual disputes and has no powers to order restitution or compensation. Complaints that are deemed to be frivolous or vexatious may be dismissed.  

To lodge a complaint about unsatisfactory professional conduct or unregistered practice complete and return the complaint formThe complaint form must be completed in full and clearly state grounds for the complaint with supporting evidence.

BPEQ will consider the complaint and may invite a submission from the person the subject of the complaint.  Where warranted, BPEQ may instigate a formal investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation the Board will consider the investigator’s report and decide what action to take (e.g. discipline a RPEQ/prosecute an unregistered person).