1-minute guide to the RPEQ system

1-minute guide to the RPEQ system

Momentum is building across Australia to register and recognise professional engineers. As the only Australian State or Territory with a comprehensive and mandatory system of registration for engineers Queensland leads the way for the rest of the country.
What does RPEQ stand for?

Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland

When did the RPEQ system start?


Who manages the RPEQ system?

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland

Which engineers need to be registered?

BPEQ recognises 26 areas of engineering ranging from Aeronautical and Civil to Mechanical and Structural. Any engineer working in or for Queensland must be registered with BPEQ

How do you become a RPEQ?

1. Complete a four-year engineering degree. 2. Develop competency on the job. 3. Be assessed as qualified and competent. 4. Apply to BPEQ for registration


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