Code of Practice

A Code of Practice is made by the Board for the guidance of Registered Professional Engineers (RPEQs).

The objectives of this Code are to:

  1. fulfil the requirements of section 108(1) of the Professional Engineers Act 2002, which states that the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland must  “make a code of practice to provide guidance to registered professional engineers as to appropriate professional conduct or practice”; 

  2. set out the minimum levels of professional conduct required to be met by registered professional engineers in Queensland so that they can carry out their roles within a framework of integrity, care for the public, and competency; and

  3. assist the Commercial and Consumer Tribunal in determining “whether the registered professional engineer has behaved in a way that constitutes unsatisfactory professional conduct, or practice” (Professional Engineers Act 2002, s129).

The principles reflect the obligations under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 that a registered professional engineer in the practice of engineering in Queensland has to:

  1. society;

  2. clients or employers; and

  3. general professional obligations.

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Please contact the Board on (07) 3224 6032 if you require further information.

5004 CODE OF PRACTICE 29 Nov 2013
Code of Practice
(Adobe PDF File)