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BPEQ e-news July 2017
  Spotlight on direct supervision
  Appointments to BPEQ's Legal, Compliance and Investigations Unit

BPEQ e-news June 2017
  Unregistered engineer convicted for carrying out professional engineering services
  2017-18 Queensland and Brisbane City Council budgets

BPEQ e-news May 2017
  Budget 2017-18
  Spotlight on RPEQ sign off and certification

BPEQ e-news April 2017
  Tools offered for meeting new steelwork standard
  Changes to 457 visa and skills list

BPEQ e-news March 2017
  Avoiding complaints triggered by poor communication
  Australia adopts international standard for BIM data sharing

BPEQ e-news February 2017

  Unauthorised use of signatures on certification documents
  Registration roadshows and Queensland Building Plan

BPEQ e-news January 2017
  Registration roadshows planned for regional Queensland
  Understanding BPEQ's complaint and investigation process - compliance


BPEQ e-news October 2016
  Areas of engineering vs areas of competence
  Back in the Workforce bursary

BPEQ e-news September 2016
  Spotlight on prescriptive standards
  Building Queensland's Infrastructure Pipeline Report

BPEQ e-news August 2016
  Spotlight on direct supervision
  Transitioning from technical specialist to people manager

BPEQ e-news July 2016
  Four new members appointed to BPEQ
  Unregistered practice and RPEQ liability

BPEQ e-news June 2016
  Q&A with BPEQ
  Queensland's 'back to work' Budget

BPEQ e-news May 2016
  Q&A with BPEQ
  BPEQ to launch awareness campaign

BPEQ e-news April 2016
  QCAT reprimands and fines RPEQ for practising outside area of competence
  Australian and Queensland infrastructure plans
BPEQ e-news March 2016
  BPEQ hosts first CPD seminar
  BPEQ cautions engineer over approving a deficient design for a retaining wall

BPEQ e-news February 2016
  BPEQ cautions engineer over lack of specificity in wording of fill certification
  STEM Connectors

BPEQ e-news January 2016
  It's Your Turn - Achieve RPEQ
  RPEQs picking up the slack



BPEQ December notice

BPEQ e-news November 2015
  Kylie Mercer named new BPEQ Registrar
  Unregistered engineer barred from recovering fees under BCIPA

BPEQ e-news October 2015
  BPEQ at UQ
  Transitioning from technical specialist to people manager

BPEQ e-news September 2015
  BPEQ announces QUT partnership
  Unregistered engineer convicted for designing footing and slab systems without supervision

BPEQ e-news August 2015
  Two RPEQs cautioned for involvement in a building sustaining a shear failure
  RPEQ involvement in projects with multiple contractors

BPEQ e-news July 2015
  Extraterritoriality and the PE Act
  Unregistered engineers from interstate

BPEQ e-news June 2015
  Engineer reprimanded for submitting incorrect construction drawings and false certification
  Do you give engineering advice without knowing it?

BPEQ e-news May 2015
  QCAT finds unsatisfactory professional conduct by RPEQ
  Electronic signatures - what you need to know 

BPEQ e-news April 2015
  Fitness to practice explained
  RPEQs refused registration due to fitness to practice issues

BPEQ e-news March 2015
  Magistrates Court convicts interstate engineers for unregistered practice
  RPEQs everywhere

BPEQ e-news February 2015
  Introduction to incoming Board members
  Disciplinary proceeding against RPEQ for unsatisfactory professional conduct


BPEQ e-news September 2014
  "Certification" and "signing off" - what it means to BPEQ
  Disciplinary proceeding against RPEQ for unsatisfactory professional conduct

BPEQ e-news August 2014
  The Code of Practice - guidelines or rules?
  BPEQ v Hart

BPEQ e-news July 2014
  BPEQ v Gerald Shirtcliffe

BPEQ e-news May 2014
  Proposed amendments to the PE Act

BPEQ e-news April 2014
  The importance of CPD
  Disciplinary proceeding against RPEQ for unsatisfactory professional conduct

BPEQ e-news March 2014
  Best practice guidelines - conflicts of interest
  Disciplinary investigation of RPEQ providing unsatisfactory professional engineering services

BPEQ e-news February 2014
  Why do we have a PE Act?
  Professional engineering services undertaken outside of Queensland


BPEQ e-news December 2013
  Code of Practice
  Prescriptive standards

BPEQ e-news November 2013
  Direct supervision demystified
  Elements of professional engineering services