E-News 2016

BPEQ e-news October 2016
  Areas of engineering vs areas of competence
  Back in the Workforce bursary

BPEQ e-news September 2016
  Spotlight on prescriptive standards
  Building Queensland's Infrastructure Pipeline Report

BPEQ e-news August 2016
  Spotlight on direct supervision
  Transitioning from technical specialist to people manager

BPEQ e-news July 2016
  Four new members appointed to BPEQ
  Unregistered practice and RPEQ liability

BPEQ e-news June 2016
  Q&A with BPEQ
  Queensland's 'back to work' Budget

BPEQ e-news May 2016
  Q&A with BPEQ
  BPEQ to launch awareness campaign

BPEQ e-news April 2016
  QCAT reprimands and fines RPEQ for practising outside area of competence
  Australian and Queensland infrastructure plans
BPEQ e-news March 2016
  BPEQ hosts first CPD seminar
  BPEQ cautions engineer over approving a deficient design for a retaining wall

BPEQ e-news February 2016
  BPEQ cautions engineer over lack of specificity in wording of fill certification
  STEM Connectors

BPEQ e-news January 2016
  It's Your Turn - Achieve RPEQ
  RPEQs picking up the slack